Author: Donna Winchester

Five graduating seniors at Miami private school share memories, dreams

Family. Opportunity. Gratitude. These are the words on the minds of a handful of South Florida students standing on the threshold of adulthood. On June 2, the five seniors – Shawn Cuellar, Elisa Hernandez, Katherine Cabrera, Isabel Perez and Ron Mendez – will bid farewell to the school they’ve grown[Read More…]

SUFS president Doug Tuthill: ‘Get serious about this equity conversation’

In a recent interview with WFSU Public Media news director Lynn Hatter, Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill spoke about his first-hand experience with segregation as a student in the 1970s as well as his experience as an educator on the front lines of the magnet school movement in[Read More…]

2019 EdNext poll: vouchers, tax credits and charter schools

Editor’s note: On Wednesday, redefinED reported on one aspect of Education Next’s latest survey of public opinion – the extent to which the public underestimates the amount of money spent on K-12 education. We continue exploring the survey today, reviewing responses related to questions about vouchers, tax credits and charter[Read More…]

Jeb Bush’s A+ Plan anniversary: 20 years to the day

“I think we’re in for a renaissance in public education.” With these words, Gov. Jeb Bush signed into law on June 21, 1999, a bill that set in motion his vision for the future of education in Florida. The A+ Plan, which had been Bush’s top campaign promise when he[Read More…]

From rebellious to role model, thanks to a Florida charter school

Editor’s note: This month, redefinED is revisiting stories that shine a light on extraordinary students. Today’s spotlight, first published in December 2017, tells the story of a feisty Orlando teen who evolved from drama queen to top student. ORLANDO – Mia Freytas navigates the hallways of Renaissance Charter School at Hunter’s Creek[Read More…]

Charter school students continue to outperform peers in traditional public schools

Students in Florida charter schools are outperforming their peers in traditional schools in nearly every category according to the Florida Department of Education’s annual charter school performance report, released today. The analysis used 2017-18 school year data to examine the average performance of charter school students and traditional public school[Read More…]