Author: Garion Frankel

Worried about declining civic knowledge? Support school choice.

It’s no secret that many Americans don’t know a whole lot about the U.S. government and how it operates. The 2022 edition of the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s annual civics knowledge survey found that over half of American adults were unable to identify the three branches of government, more than[Read More…]

In wake of National School Choice Week, give Tom Paine his due

In honor of 2023’s National School Choice Week, the Cato Institute published one of the first comprehensive timelines of school choice. Because  opponents still seek to delegitimize school choice by accusing the movement of having nefarious origins, it’s more important now than ever to establish its true history, one that[Read More…]

Want underserved Colorodans to go to college? Expand education choice.

Chalkbeat’s “Two Colorados” event earlier this month came to a key conclusion — not enough of the Centennial State’s historically underserved students (ethnic minorities and/or rural students) are going to college. Indeed, there is quite a bit of hard data to back this conclusion. For instance, fewer than half of[Read More…]

Chicago teachers union strike shows why America needs school choice

On the night of Jan. 4, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) voted on a labor action that demanded that the city institute remote learning until Jan. 18. As Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot had already announced that no such transition to remote learning would take place, the union was effectively determining[Read More…]

The time has come for Texas to join other states in expanding school choice

Texas, being a passionate, liberty-minded state, should be a national leader in school choice efforts. Indeed, Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and the Republican Party of Texas all have called for an expansion of private school choice in recent years. Additionally, four Texas Democrats were listed as “School[Read More…]

Education choice is the best way to weed out lackluster teachers

Peter Zucker, the creator of the popular South Bronx School blog, has quite the disciplinary record. At a 2015 arbitration hearing, Zucker was convicted of “neglect of duty; conduct unbecoming his position or conduct prejudicial to the good order, efficiency, or discipline of the service; insubordination; [and] substantial cause rendering[Read More…]

Rural communities should embrace education savings accounts

Editor’s note: reimaginED welcomes its newest guest blogger, Garion Frankel, with this post on a viable education choice alternative for rural families. The past two years have seen an unprecedented string of victories for parental choice advocates. After the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than two dozen states now[Read More…]