Author: Jonathan Butcher

South Carolina lawmakers must finish job of creating options for K-12 students

Horse racing, teacher raises, and a budget flush with cash. South Carolina lawmakers have plenty to debate before the legislative session ends June 15. But parents hope legislators don’t bolt for home before finally offering K-12 students more quality learning options. Recently, the S.C. House of Representatives flew through budget[Read More…]

Offering hope to Oklahoma students, families

Oklahoma parent Kelly Shank says that if her youngest son had anything to say about it, he would not socialize at all. Now in sixth grade, her son has been diagnosed with autism. She knows that he cannot go through his life without interacting with other people, despite his unique[Read More…]

Why we can hope for a better K-12 world in 2022

Federal officials are trying to appear analytical. Facing dismal student outcomes and lower enrollment at assigned schools in the wake of—and, in some places, in the midst of—school closures, policymakers want to seem thoughtful about policy outcomes they do not like. “We are at a real crossroads,” U.S. Education Secretary[Read More…]

Best of 2021: Fact-checking the pundits as a new school year begins

Editor’s note: reimaginED is proud to reintroduce to our readers our best content of 2021 such as this commentary from guest blogger Jonathan Butcher. As students head back to school, we can check some predictions made last year about how COVID would change K-12 classrooms. First, teacher unions forecast that[Read More…]

Commentary: Washington is coming to micromanage your preschool, giving you fewer options

Presidents should resist the urge to rewrite the dictionary. Such powers are not in the Constitution. Yet, President Joe Biden seems bound and determined to treat language in the style of Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty: “When I use a word, … it means just what I choose it to mean—nothing[Read More…]

South Carolina, education savings accounts have the potential to make the state a student’s market

Educators are in such high demand in South Carolina that observers are calling it a “teacher’s market.” While it’s reassuring that teachers have options, shouldn’t state officials make the education landscape a student’s market, too? Fortunately for families, some policymakers are already working on it. A recent survey of South[Read More…]

Research shows education savings accounts are being used precisely as intended

Recently, reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner noted the 10th anniversary of education savings accounts, which debuted in Arizona in the form of the  Empowerment Scholarship Account. In the past decade, research has demonstrated a refreshing truth about the accounts. In an age of fake news, they have proved authentic, empowering[Read More…]