Author: Lorraine McBride

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archivED: Wishing more students could benefit from education choice like I did

Editor’s note: During this holiday season, redefinED is republishing our best articles of 2019 – those features and commentaries that deserve a second look. This first-person piece from Lorraine McBride, Step Up For Students’ manager for advocacy and civic engagement, originally published Jan. 3. I grew up as a minority[Read More…]

Why one Democratic state lawmaker voted for educational choice

At a Town Hall in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, State Rep. Wengay Newton kept it real. More than a dozen advocates and constituents who live in or attend schools in his St. Petersburg district spent their evening hearing from one of the six Democrats who voted this spring in support[Read More…]

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The fight for education equity continues as new school year begins

As students begin returning to classrooms, I can’t help but notice that some parents are willing to risk it all for their child’s education. Many are not satisfied with their current learning environment and have taken extreme measures for a chance to have an equal opportunity. Reports across the United[Read More…]