Author: Matthew Ladner

Those were the days

Editor’s note: You can read a reimaginED interview with Debbie Veney, senior vice president of communications for the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, here. Absent some delightful surge in fertility and/or immigration, it seems very likely that peak enrollment for America’s school districts lies in the past. Years from[Read More…]

Happy birthday, education savings accounts

In 2006, the Arizona Supreme Court struck down two small voucher programs, one for children with disabilities, the other for children in foster care. It was a devastating loss, but from that setback came a new form of choice: an account-based program. The first education savings account program, Arizona’s Empowerment[Read More…]

The decline and fall of the American male

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that at the close of the 2020-21 academic year, women comprised 59.5% of college students, an all-time high. Men, at 40.5%, were at an all-time low, according to enrollment data from the National Student Clearinghouse. The Journal also reported that U.S. colleges and universities[Read More…]

Does school choice need bipartisan support?

Jay Greene and James D. Paul gathered data for a new study for the American Enterprise Institute released Sept. 22 demonstrating that Democrats in state legislative chambers have only rarely made the difference in passing original private choice legislation nationwide. The authors make the case that choice supporters have erred[Read More…]

A Labor Day meditation on American education unions

It’s only a matter of time before anyone following the parental empowerment in education choice debate will come across the wild-eyed assertion that choice supporters are engaged in a conspiracy against education unions. That assertion doesn’t hold much water. First off, a great many European countries have both parental choice[Read More…]

The gradual and the sudden

This week, redefinED will become reimaginED, arriving chorus-like to document the efforts of educators and families to reshape public education in a more pluralistic and productive system. Those efforts are taking shape in both gradual and sudden ways. Our goal will be to do our best to pay attention to[Read More…]