Author: Sean Michael Pigeon

School zoning laws don’t make much sense anymore

Public schools historically have been defined by their location. Whether one’s home is in a “good school district” matters. But the last few years have raised important questions about whether tying children to a particular building is wise policy. Zoning laws may have made some sense decades ago, but today,[Read More…]

No, school choice is not ‘dismantling’ public schools

Calls to increase the control that parents have over their child’s educational opportunities often garner strong reactions from both advocates and skeptics. One common refrain from those that fear the expansion of charter schools is that efforts to redirect funding to these schools will “dismantle” the traditional district school system.[Read More…]

Transportation is needed to drive up school choice

Parents increasingly are looking for more options for their child’s education beyond their local district school, a trend spurred by flagging test scores and politically divisive curricula. As a result, many are pulling their kids out of the traditional school system. Yet despite this enthusiasm for greater choice, logistical difficulties[Read More…]

Middle school doesn’t have to be this hard

Middle school often is the black sheep of the educational family. Lacking the youthful joy of elementary school and the sense of accomplishment of high school, most students consider middle school the worst segment of their education (see here and here). And while many parents and students complain about middle[Read More…]

Open enrollment, Colorado and Texas style

While public school systems nationwide have had difficulties dealing with COVID-19, specifically around reopening classes to in-person activities, it’s clear the pandemic has opened many avenues for innovation. One example has come out of Colorado, where school administrators have opened public school enrollment to great success. A recent Chalkbeat report[Read More…]