Author: Travis Pillow

Florida schools roundup: Civics, algebra, animal cruelty and more

Civics testing. Education Commissioner Pam Stewart concludes Florida school districts did not break the law when they shifted state civics test-takers from seventh grade to eighth grade, and that their moves were “educationally sound.” Orlando Sentinel. Sarasota-Herald-Tribune. Bradenton Herald. Florida Times-Union. Gradebook. Bullying. A mother’s secret recording catches a teacher calling[Read More…]

Civics shifts, school grades and Schools of Hope

Last year, Florida lawmakers created a new program called Schools of Hope. Its goals were twofold: Ratchet up the pressure on low-performing public schools to quickly increase student achievement, and encourage new alternatives — especially proven charter school operators — to take root in struggling communities. School letter grades released yesterday suggest[Read More…]