Bruno V. Manno

An opportunity agenda for promoting social and economic mobility for young people: Creating new options and social networks for work and life

Editor’s note: Bruno V. Manno, a senior advisor for the Walton Family Foundation education program and a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education for Policy, wrote this commentary exclusively for reimaginED. From 1910 to 1940, the soaring demand in America for educated workers to fill new white-collar jobs produced “a[Read More…]

Building bridges to opportunity for disconnected youth: Providing more choices through a pathways opportunity agenda

Editor’s note: Bruno Manno, senior advisor to the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 program and former assistance secretary of education for policy in the administration of President George H.W. Bush, provided this commentary exclusively to reimaginED. Senior Advisor to the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 program. He is former Assistance Secretary of[Read More…]

Commentary: Parents, civic entrepreneurs rebuild K-12 schooling from scratch

Editor’s note: This post from Bruno V. Manno, senior adviser to the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 Program and a redefinED contributor, appeared Tuesday on The 74. Manno references Florida Virtual School, which saw a 57% increase in new course enrollments in its part-time Flex program, in his discussion of how[Read More…]

COVID-19 spurs education alternatives, creativity

Editor’s note: This commentary from Bruno V. Manno, senior adviser for K-12 Education at the Walton Family Foundation, explores the myriad ways the global pandemic is birthing impressive innovations and alternatives so learning can continue. The COVID-19 calamity is motivating families to seek alternatives to their child’s current school and[Read More…]