Common Ground

This Memphis mom has a Thanksgiving message for Joe Biden

Editor’s note: This post from former teacher, school board member and passionate education choice advocate Erika Sanzi features a powerful message from a fellow school choice advocate. The commentary appeared earlier this week on Education Post. Sarah Carpenter, executive director of Memphis Lift, spent much of the 2020 primary season bringing[Read More…]

Against choice for the poor

For more than half a century, I have listened to diatribes against empowering lower-income parents to choose a school for their own child. Even today, these reasons remain unclear to me.  This brief essay will be an effort to clarify what is at stake in America’s battles over the role[Read More…]

Why bully the low-income parent?

The rulers of our teacher unions and those of allied non-teaching school staff need at long last identify and explain the justification for their forcing un-monied parents to deliver 5-year-old Mary to P.S. 99 instead of that private, maybe religious, school they preferred but could not afford. The cost of[Read More…]

The evolving public education market

Public education has historically been a poorly managed, underperforming market. The pandemic is driving changes that could, over time, lead to market improvements that will benefit families, students, educators and the public. In effective and efficient markets, consumers control their purchasing power, monopolies do not exist, the barriers to entry[Read More…]

PodcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews public education pioneer Julie Young

In this episode, Step Up For Students President Doug Tuthill talks with Julie Young, vice president of education outreach and student services at Arizona State University and managing director of Arizona State University’s Prep Academy and ASU Prep Digital. Young, who has been celebrated as an education disruptor for nearly[Read More…]

Future ready: the new version of school

Editor’s note: This post from Tom Vander Ark, co-founder and CEO of Getting Smart and a partner in Learn Capital, was originally posted on Forbes and appeared May 24 n the Getting Smart blog. School leaders have about 90 days to get future ready. For many, it will require four[Read More…]

There’s no time like a worldwide pandemic to change your mind

Recent polls suggest some who have opposed education choice in general and homeschooling in particular might be changing their minds. Before allies do a victory lap or sprain our arms patting each other on the back, let’s pause for a moment to examine why minds are changing. It has little[Read More…]

Bridging the gap between left and right on education choice

“If you care about children, parents, and communities, you can’t vote for Bernie Sanders. He’s the teachers’ union candidate.” This is the message educational opportunity activist (and CEO of Education Post) Chris Stewart posted on Twitter over the weekend. Too many parrot this type of argument, and it’s hurting our[Read More…]