Education Politics

Florida lawmakers set to convene 124th regular legislative session

The Florida Legislature’s annual session begins today and runs through March 11. Unlike last year, when state lawmakers passed the nation’s largest expansion of education choice, this year is expected to be marked by more modest changes aimed mainly at improving efficiency for schools and families. Here is an overview[Read More…]

Best of 2021: Let’s try getting back to basics as a remedy for public education’s woes

Editor’s note: reimaginED is proud to reintroduce to our readers our best content of 2021 such as this commentary from our Step Up For Students policy and public affairs colleague Patrick Gibbons. What’s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings at[Read More…]

Glenn Youngkin’s mandate to expand equal opportunity

Editor’s note: This commentary from Dan Lips, visiting fellow in education at the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity and a reimaginED guest blogger, appeared last week on the foundation’s blog, Be sure to watch for his mention of reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner’s commentary based on research from[Read More…]

Why political candidates should support school choice

Editor’s note: This commentary from Cooper Conway, a contributor at Young Voices and a political science student at Boise State University, appeared Monday on the Washington Examiner. Educational freedom was on a roll this past year. Over 20 educational choice programs were either created or expanded in 18 states. This entails the[Read More…]

American Federation for Children leaders discuss education choice on national podcast

When the producers of the national podcast Ruthless sat down to brainstorm topics for coverage at the start of the new school year, one idea rose to the top of the list: a deep dive on education choice and how it’s currently playing out across the nation. They chose two[Read More…]

The unfinished school system

John Darwin’s book The Unfinished Empire describes the British Empire as “unfinished,” in large part because the Britons never agreed on the purpose of empire in the first place. The military, merchants and religious missionaries had wildly different concepts regarding what empire was about. Over centuries, solemn promises not to[Read More…]

podcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews charter school principals denied renewal by local school board

On this episode, Tuthill talks to Amy Sams, principal of Southshore Academy in Riverview, and Cuwana Lawson, principal of Woodmont Charter School in Temple Terrace, about the Hillsborough County School Board’s rejection of their renewal applications and the board’s subsequent reversal of the decision on the heels of pressure from[Read More…]

Under the staircase, Part 2

In an earlier post, I explained why districts don’t tend to replicate or expand high-demand schools. In a word, the reason is politics. Adults working in low-demand schools, with enrollment well below the design capacity of their buildings, tend to look upon expanding or replicating high-demand district schools in a[Read More…]