Education Polling

Charter school enrollment expands as traditional district enrollment sags

Preliminary data from a new state-level analysis from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools indicates that public charter schools posted more enrollment growth in 2020-21 than they’ve seen in the past six years, even as traditional public school enrollment declined during the first full academic year of the COVID-19[Read More…]

EdChoice poll: Parent interest growing for education savings accounts

While school parents and the general public are more likely to be pessimistic about the direction of K-12 education, about two in five American adults believe it’s heading in the right direction – an 18-percentage point increase since 2016 – according to the most recent survey from EdChoice on schooling[Read More…]

Study: Lack of in-person instruction caused public school enrollment to dip

A new report from researchers at Stanford University shows about 300,000 students did not attend public school last year because their schools didn’t offer in-person learning, a finding that accounts for about one-quarter of the country’s overall public school enrollment drop during the pandemic. The study examined the impact of[Read More…]

I’m all in!

The advisory firm Tyton Partners has released the second installment of its “school disrupted” study, which takes a deeper look at the drivers and barriers parents experienced when making educational decisions for their children in the face of COVID-19 challenges, as well as how their experiences will continue to shape[Read More…]

Louisiana families strongly support state scholarship program

A new poll from the state of Louisiana’s voice for educational choice has found widespread support among families who participate in the Louisiana Scholarship Program. Nearly 93% of families who utilize the program to provide their children with additional opportunities to attend the school of their choice say they are[Read More…]

New poll shows support for education choice continues to soar nationwide

A poll of more than 1,762 registered voters conducted earlier this month by RealClear Opinion Research shows that nearly three-quarters support school choice, with 16% opposed and 10% unsure. The findings were consistent across party lines, with 83% of Republicans, 69% of Independents, and 70% of Democrats saying they strongly[Read More…]

Poll confirms widespread support for school, parental choice

New research from a national polling organization shows 65% of more than 1,100 registered voters surveyed support school choice while 16% are unsure. The results are true across party lines, with 75% of Republicans, 61% of Democrats, and 60% of Independents saying they strongly or somewhat support school choice. Meanwhile,[Read More…]

New report sheds light on perspective of Florida families participating in Gardiner, McKay scholarship programs

Editor’s note: Materials related to the study are posted to a landing page accessible at Nearly all Florida parents participating in two state scholarship programs for children with special needs are somewhat or very satisfied with their child’s educational experience according to a new study released today from researchers[Read More…]