Education Polling

School choice options expanded across U.S. in 2022

Editor’s note: This analysis of school choice trends in 2002 appeared Monday on More parents overwhelmingly chose school choice in 2022 after expressing frustration with lockdown policies, school boards and mandates. As more state legislators look to expand school choice policies in 2023, Florida is seen as a model[Read More…]

The silent majority of Americans want school choice

Editor’s note: This article appeared Wednesday on One way of reading the 2022 midterm elections—which resulted in narrow majorities in a divided Congress—is that our divided electorate actually bunches toward the middle. Ticket-splitters abounded in swing states across the country, revealing a thirst for common ground. Educational choice emerged[Read More…]

Florida earns top education choice rankings in national report

The Center for Education Reform in its annual education choice report has ranked Florida as the country’s No. 1 state for parent empowerment in education. The center’s Parent Power! Index gave Florida its overall top ranking, also rating the Sunshine State No. 1 for digital and personalized learning and education[Read More…]

Students who left traditional public schools for charters not returning after pandemic

A new report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools reveals three key takeaways, updating its 2021 charter school enrollment report, “Voting With Their Feet.” Titled “Changing Course: Public School Enrollment Shifts During the Pandemic,” the report is an analysis of student enrollment trends in public schools during the[Read More…]

Post-pandemic survey shows parents want greater control of kids’ education

Editor’s note: This article appeared Wednesday on To read an analysis of the survey from Patrick Gibbons, manager of policy and public affairs at Step Up For Students, click here. More than half of the 3,115 parents who participated in a spring survey said they prefer to direct and[Read More…]

School choice and parental compromise

Editor’s note: This commentary from Jeff Murray, formerly employed at School Choice Ohio and the Greater Columbus Arts Council, appeared today on the Fordham Institute’s website. What parents are looking for in an ideal school choice scenario is often very different from what they settle for in the real world.[Read More…]

Tyton Partners report: Blueprints for a post-pandemic K-12 education system

The Covid-19 pandemic proved that K-12 education was ripe for disruption. A new report from Tyton Partners finds that a majority of parents “prefer to direct and curate their child’s education rather than rely on local school systems.” With many families educating their children at home during the crisis, parents[Read More…]

How do Americans truly feel about public education and what do they want to see?

Editor’s note: This analysis from Javaid Siddiqi, president and CEO of The Hunt Institute, looks at a new national poll the institute conducted that found literacy, school safety, workforce training and mental health are top issues for voters and parents. It appeared last week on The past two years[Read More…]