Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

A parent’s story: How the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship benefited all of us

Editor’s note: This first-person essay from Florida mother Sharifah Lee was adapted from the American Federation for Children’s Voices for Choice website. I am a hometown Florida girl, born of parents who came to this country with seven children. My siblings and I are the product of public schools. Because[Read More…]

State Department of Education releases final enrollment figures for Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

More than $662 million in tax credit scholarships was awarded during the 2020-21 school year according to an enrollment report released by the Florida Department of Education. The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program enrolled 106,112 low- and middle-income students during the pandemic. Step Up For Students, which hosts this blog,[Read More…]

Florida Transportation Scholarship program aims to remove barriers, aid education choice

Jenifer Hernandez is every bit the school choice mom, though her two daughters attend Jacksonville public schools. Her 7-year-old, Sienna Vira, goes to Seaside Charter Elementary, a school inspired by the Waldorf education tradition. Eleven-year-old Mariavictoria Vira attends LaVilla Middle School of the Arts, a Duval County Public Schools magnet,[Read More…]

In this charter school, Black families find understanding, trust

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dorian Smith wanted a more academically challenging environment for his daughter, D’Yani, so after third grade he moved her from her struggling neighborhood school to a magnet school. Because of staff churn, though, that school wasn’t working out either. So, in the middle of fifth grade, Smith[Read More…]

State officials expand school choice scholarship eligibility to families in military reserves

More military families will be able to qualify for state K-12 education choice scholarships due to a rule change approved today by the Florida Board of Education. The rule was made in response to the passage of HB 7045, which expanded scholarship eligibility to dependents of active duty military families.[Read More…]

Florida superintendent surfs tsunami, generates positive publicity for school choice

Media coverage in Florida is often negative when it comes to how school choice and education choice have become mainstream – and how advantageous that transformation has been for millions of families. How refreshing, then, to see the take from the state’s leading business publication. For its latest cover story,[Read More…]

More evidence that growth of Florida Tax Credit Scholarship has benefited public school students

A recently updated report of a 2020 study that concluded public school student performance improved along with the growth of state scholarship programs for lower-income students in private schools has reaffirmed those results, going beyond the original findings. Additional research from David Figlio, Cassandra M.D. Hart and Kryzstof Karbownik answers[Read More…]

Teachers’ union president endorses school choice?

Editor’s note: Nathan Cunneen, author of this commentary, is a communications associate at the American Federation for Children. You can read a redefinED profile of Cunneen here. On Saturday night, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten published a tweet that sounded suspiciously like an endorsement of school choice. While Twitter[Read More…]