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Microgrants offer families flexible spending opportunities

Editor’s note: This commentary from Ben DeGrow, a policy director for education choice at ExcelinEd, appeared last week on the organization’s website. In recent years, 10 states have introduced education microgrant programs, providing small sums of money to parents to spend on supplemental educational services like educational therapies or tutoring[Read More…]

podcastED: Veteran Florida Virtual School teacher looks at the past, present and future of virtual education

On this episode, reimaginED senior writer Lisa Buie talks with Mary Mitchell, an award-winning educator at Florida Virtual School. Mitchell, who started teaching in 1998, was among the first to join the faculty at the state’s premier online public school and wrote one of its earliest biology courses. PEDMaryMitchellPodcast.mp3 –[Read More…]

Rural school choice is more common than you think

Editor’s note: This commentary from Robert Pondiscio, a senior visiting fellow at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, appeared last week on the Fordham Institute’s website. You can read a report on rural school choice from Step Up For Students researchers/writers here.[Read More…]

An education world without rules or controls

“I’ll show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.” – Thomas Anderson, “The Matrix” Andy Rotherham recently published his annual Eduwonk In and[Read More…]

In West Virginia, microschools come with hope

Editor’s note: This article by Kerry McDonald, senior education fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education, appeared Sunday on the foundation’s website. When Michael Parsons envisioned his Montessori-inspired microschool in Charleston, West Virginia, earlier this year, he knew that he wanted to create an intentionally small learning environment where each[Read More…]

The ‘one-room schoolhouse’ returns to rural America

The population of rural America has declined by 12.5% since the 2000 Census, but it could be poised for a comeback. Education freedom has a large role to play. In Rustic Renaissance: Education Choice in Rural America, Jason Bedrick, a research fellow in the Center for Education Policy at The[Read More…]

Will ‘rat poison’ keep Florida education from top rankings in 2023?

Editor’s note: William Mattox, director of the Marshall Center for Educational Options at the James Madison Institute and author of a new study related to this topic, provided this commentary exclusively for reimaginED. Any Florida education leader sitting down to watch tonight’s college football championship game may be tempted to[Read More…]

New private school seeks to connect Florida students with their Jewish roots

Rabbi Isaac Melnick thinks learning should be fun. As a young teacher in a Hebrew dual-language charter school in South Florida, he ran a lively after-school program that taught Torah to students who wanted to receive Judaic instruction. He called the program Torah 4 Everyone. He also ran Camp Cooluna, a[Read More…]