Private Schools

Give lower-income families true choices

Editor’s note: This article from Ben DeGrow, director of education policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, appeared Thursday on the center’s website. The evidence is in: Demand for private school enrollment is growing in Michigan, reversing a years-long trend. For those concerned that this trend might worsen educational[Read More…]

Making Christian classical education accessible to all

OVIEDO, Fla. – Kevin Clark is a fellow at The Society for Classical Learning. He’s co-author of an influential book about Christian classical education. For 15 years, he taught at a highly regarded classical school in Central Florida, including classes in logic, rhetoric, philosophy and Christian theology. So it’s no[Read More…]

Florida’s religious academies offer faith-based school option

Editor’s note: This article appeared Sunday in The Villages Daily Sun. First Academy Leesburg is a ministry of First Baptist Church of Leesburg, but that doesn’t mean every student who goes there attends that church, let alone is Baptist. “I would say 20% of our students attend FBC Leesburg,” said[Read More…]

School voucher bill clears Georgia Senate panel

Editor’s note: This article appeared Tuesday on A new school voucher bill sponsored by Georgia Senate Pro Tempore Butch Miller moved forward in a Senate committee Tuesday. Senate Bill 601, or the “Georgia Educational Freedom Act,” would provide a $6,000 scholarship to nearly all of Georgia’s approximately 1.7 million[Read More…]

Former business exec launches Tampa microschool focused on self-directed learning

“Acton is a learner-driven approach. It literally flips the education system upside down. It’s highly focused on teaching students how to think, to do, to be, to know.” –Beth Ann Valavanis A former healthcare executive is among a growing number of entrepreneurs taking a hard look at traditional education models,[Read More…]

Advocacy group concerned Senate bill provision could shut dual enrollment doors opened last year for private school students

Last year, private school families celebrated legislation that created a $15.5 million state fund to cover the costs of private school students who participated in dual enrolment programs that allowed them to earn college credit in high school. Supporters of Senate Bill 52 saw it as a restoration of fairness[Read More…]

Texas, are you really going to let Florida beat you so badly on this key education reform?

Editor’s note: This commentary from former U.S. secretary of education Betsy Devos appeared Friday on the Fort Worth Star Telegram. For decades, Texas and Florida have competed over which state will lead the nation in measures such as individual liberty, economic freedom, new jobs created and the number of people[Read More…]