Special Education

Students with intellectual, developmental differences continue to thrive at Jacksonville private school

Like most schools that were shuttered by the COVID-19 virus, North Florida School of Special Education in Jacksonville had to sprint to set up a distance learning program for students suddenly confined to their homes. For Sally Hazelip, the head of NFSSE, it was a longer race that taught her[Read More…]

catholic school

Catholic schools join specialized program to meet learning needs

Editor’s note: Throughout July, redefinED is revisiting stories that shine a light on extraordinary schools. Today’s spotlight, first published in November 2018, focuses on the lengths to which one Catholic school was willing to go to serve students with special needs.   The losses were small but concerning. On average each year,[Read More…]

Gardiner Scholarship

DeSantis touts funding boost for Gardiner Scholarship

JACKSONVILLE – Returning to the school where he first pledged to eliminate a waiting list for the Gardiner Scholarship, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday celebrated a boost in state funding for the program for students with special needs. DeSantis spoke at North Florida School of Special Education, where in February[Read More…]

Jacksonville School for Autism

revisitED: Jacksonville School for Autism helps students adapt to outside world

Editor’s note: redefinED is supporting National Autism Awareness Month each Saturday in April by reposting articles from our archives that celebrate those who champion the educational rights of children with autism. Today’s post, which originally appeared in March 2018, features a couple whose desire to help their son led them[Read More…]

Vance Aloupis

podcastED: Rep. Vance Aloupis on early childhood education, school choice

Rep. Vance Aloupis, R-Miami, narrowly beat his Democratic opponent in 2018 to represent Florida’s 115th District, a seat held by former Education Committee Chair Michael Bileca. One of many freshman members serving this year on House education committees, Aloupis wants to become a legislative leader in early childhood development. http://www.reimaginedonline.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Aloupis-FINAL-mp3.mp3Podcast:[Read More…]

Gardiner scholarship

Miss Ana and her mighty home school micro cluster

MIAMI – “Guys! Choo-choo formation!” At Ana Garcia’s command, a loose knot of people near the turnstiles at Zoo Miami – three adults, five kids – lined up, put their hands on the back shoulders of the person in front of them, and merged into something less locomotive than caterpillar.[Read More…]

Gardiner scholarship

Displaced Puerto Rican family desperate for Gardiner Scholarship

TAMPA – Aleena Martinez bounded into her family’s small, sparsely furnished living room as if it were an inflatable bounce house. A pair of blue rabbit ears crowned her dark curls and a menagerie of stuffed animals filled her arms. The 12-year-old abandoned the animals on the couch and ran[Read More…]

Florida Gov. DeSantis: ‘Don’t worry about the Gardiner Scholarship’

ORLANDO – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reiterated his pledge to end the waitlist for special needs children who have qualified for a state-funded scholarship at a second school visit Monday. Following a morning stop at North Florida School of Special Education in Jacksonville, DeSantis traveled to Pace Brantley School in[Read More…]