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What school choice legislation passed in Florida?

Florida’s 60-day legislative session ended Friday. Lawmakers passed a host of educational choice bills, some high-profile and others under the radar, affecting charter schools, home education, public-school open enrollment, and more. Other measures, from a constitutional amendment backed by charter supporters to a bill creating new dyslexia-focused schools of choice, didn’t get very far. Of[Read More…]

Under-the-radar bill would expand educational options in Florida

Members of both chambers of the Florida Legislature voted unanimously this afternoon for a bill that would expand several educational options for children with special needs and improve private school students’ access to college courses. Among other things, the measure, which advanced without controversy, would broaden the possible uses for the state’s popular[Read More…]

Two new bills on charters and school choice to watch in the Florida Legislature

If there’s a school choice or charter school-related issue still alive in Florida’s legislative session, there’s a good chance it’ll be taken up by a Senate panel tomorrow. A raft of provisions related to educational choice would be merged into two massive amendments to bills set to be taken up Thursday[Read More…]

school choice

Where school choice issues stand in the Florida Legislature

Last week, Florida’s annual 60-day legislative session passed its midpoint. Like in previous years, a lot of key school choice issues remain unresolved with four weeks remaining. Lawmakers have already agreed to substantially expand educational options for special-needs students, but what will happen with charter school funding, public-school choice, or measures[Read More…]

Florida Senate votes to grow, and rename, special needs scholarships

The Florida Senate this morning unanimously approved legislation expanding — and renaming — the state’s newest educational choice program for special needs students. SB 672 would codify changes allowing 3- and 4-year olds, children with muscular dystrophy and more students with autism to qualify for Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts. It would also boost[Read More…]