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New scholarship capped historic legislative session

Florida’s 2019 legislative session rewarded supporters of school choice as the House and Senate created the Family Empowerment Scholarship and boosted funding for charter schools. The new state-funded K-12 scholarship will help get 18,000 low-income and working-class students off a waiting list for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) for[Read More…]

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House bill to create Family Empowerment Scholarship moves ahead

TALLAHASSEE – A bill that would eliminate a waiting list for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship for low-income students – but also slash the value of the vouchers – passed in a party-line vote Wednesday by the House Committee on Appropriations. The bill, HB 7075, would create the Family Empowerment[Read More…]

DeSantis’ State of the State address: ‘One size doesn’t fit all’ in education landscape

TALLAHASSEE – In his first State of the State address Tuesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reiterated his pledge to end the waiting lists for parents seeking the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) for lower-income families and the Gardiner Scholarship for students with certain special needs. About 13,000 families are on[Read More…]

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A look-ahead to the Florida legislative session

The Florida Legislature kicks off its annual 60-day session Tuesday with a host of education issues at the top of lawmakers’ agendas, including expansion of educational choice options. Here are some issues and bills to watch. Education choice Gov. Ron DeSantis has pledged to expand educational options and has vowed[Read More…]

Diaz proposes another scholarship to eliminate FTC waiting list

TALLAHASSEE – Florida state Sen. Manny Diaz Jr. on Thursday said Senate leaders hope to implement a “Family Empowerment Scholarship” to eliminate a waiting list for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship for lower-income families. Gov. Ron DeSantis made a similar pledge last week, saying he wanted to create an “Equal[Read More…]