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Trio of education surveys shed light on school trends

As schools continue to wrestle with reopening plans and what seems like the shortest summer break on record comes to an end, researchers have continued to churn out reports and surveys related not only to COVID-19 but to charter schools and per-pupil spending as well. EdChoice, a school choice advocacy[Read More…]

podcastED: Pastor Robert Ward – Educational choice gives black parents hope

If anybody doubts the passion for educational choice in black communities, come visit Mt. Moriah Christian Fundamental School in predominantly black south St. Petersburg, Fla. and chat with its founder, Pastor Robert Ward. Ward started the private micro-school for grades 6-8 in 2011 with three students. Now it has 56.[Read More…]

HCREO: Florida Board of Education’s race-based achievement goals are “insulting”

Editor’s note: Julio Fuentes, president of the Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options, sent this email blast out earlier today. Governor Rick Scott made the right call in declaring “unacceptable” the race-based achievement goals outlined in the Florida Board of Education’s recently released five-year strategic plan. The Hispanic Council[Read More…]