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Gov. Scott approves expanded Gardiner Scholarships for special needs students

With Gov. Rick Scott’s signature, Florida’s newest educational choice program will have a new name, and will be able to serve more students. Flanked by Senate President Andy Gardiner and his family, House Speaker Steve Crisafulli, and the lawmakers who sponsored the legislation, Scott approved SB 672 this afternoon during a ceremony[Read More…]

Florida special needs scholarship expansion headed to Gov. Rick Scott

A measure expanding Florida’s newest educational option for special needs students is now headed to Gov. Rick Scott’s desk. The Florida House of Representatives on Thursday overwhelmingly approved SB 672, which would allow more families to access Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts and give the program a new name. The Gardiner[Read More…]

Florida Senate votes to grow, and rename, special needs scholarships

The Florida Senate this morning unanimously approved legislation expanding — and renaming — the state’s newest educational choice program for special needs students. SB 672 would codify changes allowing 3- and 4-year olds, children with muscular dystrophy and more students with autism to qualify for Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts. It would also boost[Read More…]

Florida Senate President: Make changes to special needs program permanent

Heading toward what could be his final year in the state Legislature, Florida’s Senate leader said recent changes to the state’s newest parental choice program for special needs students should be made permanent. Earlier this year, lawmakers expanded eligibility for the state’s brand-new Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts, which were passed with[Read More…]