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Report: Private schools can learn from successful charter schools

A new report argues supporters of private school choice can learn from public charter schools and should look for ways to “break down the walls” between the two sectors. Private school choice programs serve only a few hundred thousand students nationally, a fraction of the 2.3 million enrolled in charters.[Read More…]

Smarick: In new era, faith-based schools need more transparency, accountability

Few people in the field of education bring the kind of credibility to a debate on faith-based schools that Andy Smarick brings. So his keynote speech Tuesday to the American Center for School Choice’s Commission on Faith-based Schools in New York was all the more riveting for his decision not to[Read More…]

In Florida, the debate over the future of school boards is happening now

Last year, 43 percent of Florida’s PreK-12 students attended a school other than their assigned neighborhood school. This enthusiastic embrace of school choice by parents is forcing school boards to rethink their roles and responsibilities. Should they fight to prevent parents from attending non-district schools? Or should they embrace parent[Read More…]