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Arizona state budget expands student access to new educational options

A budget adopted last week by lawmakers in Arizona includes two key provisions geared toward expanding access to schools of choice for the state’s K-12 students. A $10 million allocation will establish transportation innovation grants that school districts, charter schools, and other community groups can use to help students attend[Read More…]

Mr. Burbleaf: Tear down this wall!

In your author’s humble opinion, this chart from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute is the most revealing K-12 graphic of the last decade. Ohio’s urban areas find themselves surrounded by districts that choose not to participate in open enrollment, featured in dark green. The children of Columbus, for instance, represented[Read More…]

What can Florida learn from open enrollment in Arizona?

The Florida Legislature is considering expanding open enrollment for public schools and giving students more freedom to cross district boundaries. What could change if parents are more able to move their children to schools outside their assigned zones? We can draw some insight from Arizona, which has had a statewide open enrollment[Read More…]