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Florida schools roundup: Budgets, Medicaid for charters, bonuses and more

K-12 budgets: The Florida House Education Appropriations Committee proposes raising the K-12 education budget by $601 million, to $20.3 billion, which is about $150 million more than Gov. Rick Scott requested. The proposal would increase per-student funding from $7,107 to $7,231. About 85 percent of the increase would come from increasing local property taxes, which[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Recess, transfers, capital spending and more

School recess: A bill requiring a daily 20-minute recess in every Florida elementary school goes before the House’s K-12 education committee today. The bill, pushed hard by parents’ groups, would also prohibit schools from withholding recess as punishment. Orlando Sentinel. Gradebook. A large number of parents will rally for recess at the[Read More…]