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redefinED roundup: de Blasio sparks debate on charter schools, focus shifts to FL tax credit scholarships & more

Alabama: A bill advances to increase the individual tax credit for donations to private scholarship organizations (Montgomery Advertiser). Alaska: Vic Fischer, a former delegate to the Alaska Constitutional Convention, opposes any amendment that would allow public funds for private and religious schools (Alaska Dispatch). A bill to allow the public[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: charter schools in NY, vouchers in Indiana, ESAs in Arizona and more

Alabama: Unused education tax credits will be used to pay down the state’s debts (The Piedmont Journal). Arizona: The Arizona Court of Appeals rules education savings accounts (ESAs) are constitutional (Arizona Daily Star, Education Week, New York Times, Sonoran News). California: A husband and wife operating a charter school misappropriated[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: de Blasio’s war on school choice, ESAs and more

Bill de Blasio  New York City’s bizarre Democratic primary for mayor left Bill de Blasio as the party’s official candidate. His hardline stance against charter schools has school operators wondering if he’s declared war on school choice. De Blasio wants to stop charter schools from sharing locations with public schools[Read More…]