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redefinED roundup: ESAs to grow in AZ, DOJ in LA and Cantor vs. de Blasio

Alabama: The state’s new tax-credit scholarship program has nearly reached the $25 million cap (AL.com). A councilman of Birmingham says the Alabama Accountability Act must be repealed (AL.com). Alaska: The state should abolish the Blaine Amendment and allow private school vouchers (Daily News Miner). Arizona: Education reformers plan to rapidly[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Vouchers in Louisiana, rally in New York, blended learning in New Jersey & more

Alabama: The Alabama Education Association runs attack ads against a pro-school choice candidate during Republican special election primaries (AL.com). California: L.A.’s public school choice initiative became more about collaboration than competition (Huffington Post). San Fernando Valley Charter schools form an advocacy group (Daily News). Colorado: School choice candidates win a[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: DOJ anti school choice suit stumbles, charters threatened in PA and more

Arizona: The Friedman Foundation profiles the parents utilizing the new Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program (Center for Education Reform). What is the difference between a district school and a charter school? A school district official explains (Daily Courier). Colorado: Amendment 66 will increase taxes and add $950 million in funding to[Read More…]

Mr. Gibbons’ Report Card: de Blasio’s war on school choice, ESAs and more

Bill de Blasio  New York City’s bizarre Democratic primary for mayor left Bill de Blasio as the party’s official candidate. His hardline stance against charter schools has school operators wondering if he’s declared war on school choice. De Blasio wants to stop charter schools from sharing locations with public schools[Read More…]