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What visionary leaders at ASU Prep Academy, ASU Prep Digital have to say about the future of education

Editor’s note: You can listen to Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill interviewing Julie Young, founder and former CEO of Florida Virtual School who is now deeply engaged with digital education at Arizona State University, here and here. The nation’s leading education disruptors – proactive individuals who are thinking[Read More…]

Five post-pandemic predictions for online and blended learning

Editor’s note: With this commentary, redefinED welcomes Julie Young as our newest guest blogger. Founding CEO and former president of Florida Virtual School, Young serves as vice president of education outreach and student services at Arizona State University and is managing director of Arizona State University’s Prep Academy and ASU[Read More…]

PodcastED: SUFS president Doug Tuthill interviews education innovator Tom Arnett

In this episode, Tuthill talks with a senior research fellow in education for the Christensen Institute whose work focuses on studying innovations that amplify educator capacity, documenting barriers to K-12 innovation, and identifying disruptive innovations in education. Tuthill and Arnett discuss the future of public education and the various “blended[Read More…]

Catholic schools find their blended learning comfort zones

For more than two years, administrators at Purcell Marian High School in Cincinnati have been navigating the competing pressures of new and old. They decided the shift to blended learning could help them meet the varying needs of an increasingly diverse student body, and help their students meet a state requirement to pass four years of high[Read More…]

Will Florida school districts open ‘innovation schools?’

Starting this month, Florida school districts will be able to start their own version of charter schools, which would be bound by performance contracts and freed from a range of state regulations. The question now is, will they? Charter school legislation passed last year included provisions allowing districts to create Innovation Schools of Technology. Last[Read More…]