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Study: Vouchers boost college enrollment rates for black students

Black students who won private school vouchers through a lottery in New York City were much more likely to later enroll in college than other low-income students who applied but did not win, according to a study released this morning. The study of a privately funded New York voucher program for elementary[Read More…]

While flawed, a new effort shines light on the demand for school choice

The Brookings Institution’s ranking of school choice met with mixed results today, and properly so. But one conclusion that may escape attention should have profound implications for choice and school governance in the years to come: One of every two households engages in some form of school choice, and more would do so if[Read More…]

Brookings: Stop shortchanging charter schools

Our discourse over educational options for underprivileged children clearly has advanced when the Brookings Institution draws a conclusion that could also find a home at the conservative Heritage Foundation: “Charter schools are by definition schools of choice. The promise of education choice includes improving quality and efficiency through competition among schools, enhancing opportunity for students of low-income families who may otherwise be trapped in ineffective schools, and spurring innovation. But the promise of choice in public education is constrained by the quality and timeliness of information on school performance that is available to parents.”