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The malady spreading among teens prior to COVID-19

Back in February, the hashtag #ilovepublicschools trended on Twitter, but for reasons not intended by the originators. Many students used the hashtag as a vehicle to speak out about the bullying, homophobia and depression experienced by their peers. This startling phenomenon encouraged a deeper look at the data, as well[Read More…]

Students suffering from anxiety, bullying and discrimination need options

Recently, the hashtag #ilovepublicschools trended on Twitter, but perhaps not in the way intended. My intent in sharing a sample of what happened when public school students and parents began weighing in is not to bash public schools. I am a public school graduate, my mother worked in the public[Read More…]

Siblings find safety, inspiration and second family at charter school

Editor’s note: Throughout July, redefinED is revisiting stories that shine a light on extraordinary schools. Today’s spotlight, first published in August 2018, relates how a third-grader who experienced bullying was able to thrive after enrolling in Renaissance Charter School at Tradition in Port St. Lucie. Dylan Stanton was routinely bullied at his[Read More…]


Applications open for nation’s first scholarship for bullied students

Florida families can now begin applying for the first scholarship in the nation for students in K-12 grades who are bullied. The Hope Scholarship gives parents of eligible students victimized by bullying the opportunity to choose a participating private school and receive a state-supported scholarship to attend. The program also[Read More…]

Fundraising begins for school choice scholarship for bullying victims

Fundraising officially began Monday for the first state-supported school choice scholarship in America aimed at helping K-12 students victimized by bullying. The Hope Scholarship gives parents of eligible students the opportunity to find a safer learning environment among private schools participating in the program. It also allows parents to transfer[Read More…]