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Tough-minded approach needed for Obama’s pre-K expansion

I am more politically incorrect than your average guy, so when I heard President Obama call for universal pre-K for 4-year olds in the State of the Union, I cringed. With all the raucous enthusiasm ringing around this issue since the speech, adapting Warren Buffet’s investment approach to public policy[Read More…]

California’s toe in the water on school “vouchers”?

Editor’s note: Progress in the parental school choice movement is measured not only by big gains in states like Indiana and Louisiana, but by the flurry of incremental developments in more states every year. Peter Hanley, executive director of the California-based American Center for School Choice, offers a look at encouraging[Read More…]

California board gives OK to parent trigger rules

From the Sacramento Bee’s Capitol Alert: The State Board of Education today gave tentative approval to rules outlining how parents may petition to dramatically restructure their children’s low-performing schools. The nine-member board voted unanimously to provide a final 15-day comment period before they vote in September to officially adopt the[Read More…]