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Florida roundup: Tax-credit scholarships, career academies, school turnarounds and more

Tax-credit scholarships. The Ocala Star-Banner looks at what an expansion of the program would mean for local private schools. The Scripps/Tribune Tallahassee bureau takes an in-depth look at the debate over the expansion, and separately reports that supporters are still holding out hope after a measure that would have expanded the program was withdrawn[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: teacher evals, digital education, dual enrollment & more

Virtual schools. The Tampa Tribune writes up legislative changes to digital education. Charter schools. Several new charters in Jacksonville are moving into old buildings. Florida Times Union. Charter school enrollment in Pinellas is projected to climb 28 percent this fall. Tampa Bay Times (reprise of an earlier Gradebook blog post).[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: Charter schools, career academies, dual enrollment & more

Bang for the buck. Florida’s education system gets a lot of it. Florida Watchdog. Charter schools. Broward sees its eighth charter school close this year, raising questions about accountability, reports the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The Imagine charter schools network will close its struggling elementary school in Pinellas, but keep its[Read More…]

Florida schools roundup: charter schools, career academies, cat dissections & more

Charter schools. Green light given for golfer Ernie Els’ $30 million charter school for children with autism, reports the Palm Beach Post. Students at a Duval charter get a moving lesson in bullying prevention, reports the Florida Times Union. Career academies. Fort Meade High School gets four of them. Lakeland Ledger.[Read More…]

Florida roundup: parent trigger, school turnarounds, diploma tracks & more

Parent trigger. Who are Sunshine Parents, a group tied to parent trigger? Tampa Bay Times. More on AnswerSheet. More questions about who signed or didn’t sign a petition in support of parent trigger, reports The Buzz. Turnaround schools. A number of schools in Pinellas and Hillsborough face prescriptive state intervention[Read More…]

The faces of school choice

Rallies tend to be choreographed political endeavors, but the video above is worth your four minutes if for no other reason than the glimpses of the parents who participated. This school choice rally was held at the Florida Capitol on April 3, and it represents something you don’t see every day.[Read More…]