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Where do charter school students come from?

We’ve recently discovered that students who leave private schools for public schools are disproportionately likely to choose charters. But the majority of new charter students are coming from other public schools, so it’s also worth looking at what schools they tend to leave behind. Officials at the state Department of Education[Read More…]

Choice vs. choice: charter schools up, private schools down

When Sarasota Academy of the Arts opens this fall, the Florida K-8 school still will have the feel of the Julie Rohr Academy, the private school it used to be. Small campus. Small classes. A special curriculum devoted to music and the arts. But the new school won’t be a[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: charter school rally in California, voucher recommendations in Tennessee, Common Core tussle & more

California: 1,000 charter school parents and administrators rally to protest a proposed moratorium on charter schools (Los Angeles Times). The school board subsequently votes down a measure aimed at more oversight (Los Angeles Times). The school board at the center of the parent trigger fight could see turnover (Education Week).[Read More…]