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Fla. charter school growth slows

During the 2016-17 school year, 286,809 students enrolled in Florida’s charter schools, according to data from the Florida Department of Education. That’s an increase of more than 16,600 students from the previous school year. However, this represents the slowest growth since 2008, both in the sheer number of students and the speed[Read More…]

Making sense of Florida’s charter school growth as enrollment passes 250,000

This year, more than 250,000 Florida students are attending charter schools. They now enroll more than one every 11 public-school students in the state. If Florida’s charter schools were counted together as a school district, it would be the third-largest in the state and among the 10 largest in the country. The growth of[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Ed reform duel, charter school competition, principal pay & more

Florida reform duel. At Jay P. Greene’s Blog, researcher Matthew Ladner responds to a recent critique of Florida’s reforms from Matt Di Carlo at the Shanker Institute. If you want a serious discussion of what’s working or not in Florida, including the impact or not of school choice, these guys[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Teacher quality, charter school growth, ed funding and more

A “B” for teacher quality policies. That’s Florida’s grade, according to the National Center for Teacher Quality. That’s higher than any other state, notes the Gradebook. Bang for the buck. Florida students made some of the biggest gains in the nation on NAEP despite some of the smallest increases in[Read More…]