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Choice nuggets: Islamophobia, a Jeb Bush endorsement and testing mania in Florida

Editor’s note: Today, we introduce a new feature (even if we’re not sure the name will last) – an occasional compilation of bite-sized nuggets about school choice and education reform that are worth noting but may not be worth a post by themselves. More anti-Muslim bigotry in school choice debates It’s nearly impossible[Read More…]

‘My message is that Florida is about choice in education’

Florida’s top education official offered a strong pitch for continued expansion of school choice options Wednesday after visiting a Tampa charter school where a quarter of students are dually enrolled in community college classes. “My message is that Florida is about choice in education,” Kathleen Shanahan, chair of the Florida[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: Voucher politics in Wisconsin, Jeb Bush in S.C., school choice defense in Florida and more

Florida: State Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson responds to newspaper questions about charter schools and vouchers. (Tampa Bay Times Gradebook blog) He suggest school choice critics have a double standard. (redefinED) Wisconsin: Vouchers have become an issue in the Democratic primary for governor between candidates Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk. (wispolitics.com)[Read More…]

Duval County’s critics should give school choice a chance

For whatever reason, Duval County is a hotspot in Florida for criticism about school choice options for low-income students, including, most recently, a biting newspaper column about charter schools. The distinction is odd and disappointing because, for whatever reason, low-income students do particularly poorly there. Low-income students in the Duval school[Read More…]