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‘Charter school bill in Alabama is barely on life support’ – political reporter Bill Britt, podcastED

A bill to finally bring charter schools to Alabama looked like a slam dunk at the start of that state’s legislative session.  But after a barrage of negative attacks, intense lobbying by the state teachers union and a stealth ad campaign that has tried to link charter schools to gays, lesbians,[Read More…]

What do gays, lesbians, Muslims and President Obama have to do with charter schools? To some in Alabama, a lot

Somebody in Alabama is so desperately scared of school choice, they’ve launched a stealth campaign to make school choice seem scary. Their goal: to tarnish charter schools by linking them to gays, lesbians, Muslims, Democrats, abortions – and if that’s still not frightening enough – to Michelle Rhee and President Obama.[Read More…]