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District-run charter schools? Hmm…

When Florida Gov. Rick Scott unveiled his education agenda last week, he threw out a potentially far-reaching idea: Allowing districts to open their own charter schools. The proposal could address a common complaint among traditional school districts – that federal and state bureaucracies prevent their schools from being as innovative[Read More…]

Charter school supporters also angered by failing charter’s $500,000 check to principal

School district officials and state lawmakers aren’t the only ones outraged by a failing Orlando charter school that cut its principal a check, as it was closing its doors, for half a million dollars. “This is totally unacceptable,’’ Cheri Shannon, president and chief executive officer of the Florida Charter School[Read More…]

Florida charter school leader: Shut down problem charter schools

by Cheri Shannon In an effort to transform our public school system, charter schools have provided a breath of fresh air. Free, open-enrollment public schools, charters were established in Florida in 1996 to provide more high-quality educational options for families. With the flexibility to innovate with curriculum, classroom time, technology[Read More…]