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The Sisters of St. Joseph

A century ago, three Catholic sisters in St. Augustine, Fla. were arrested for something the state Legislature had recently made a crime: Teaching black children at what, in the parlance of the time, was known as a “negro school.” The ensuing trial propelled a 266-year-old French Catholic order and America’s[Read More…]

MLK Day reading for the school choice movement

National education advocates and some of Florida’s leading clergy have reflected on the words and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., and what they mean for school choice movement. Their words offer a backdrop as thousands of parents, students, educators and activists prepare to rally in Tallahassee on Tuesday. In the Tampa Tribune, Rev. Manuel[Read More…]

Civil rights leader: FL school choice program strengthens public education

Last month, Rev. H.K. Matthews, a civil rights leader in Florida who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. at Selma, pleaded with Charlie Crist to publicly denounce the lawsuit against the tax credit scholarship program for low-income students. Crist would not do so, but Matthews has not given up his[Read More…]