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Florida schools roundup: parent trigger, merit pay, mentors & more

Parent trigger. Joe Henderson from the Tampa Tribune on parent trigger: “In my opinion, it started from the flawed premise that it’s always the institution’s fault when a school fails.” Tallahassee Democrat: “What we don’t need is to have for-profit corporations lobbying parents to shut down or privatize a public school.” The[Read More…]

Charter-like? Not quite. But more flexibility may be coming to some Florida schools

It’s an idea gaining momentum in Florida this legislative session: letting a few district schools choose curriculum, lease buildings and enjoy wiggle room when it comes to class size. Sound familiar? The concept, coined “district innovation schools,’’ would allow high-performing public schools to operate with some of the same freedom[Read More…]

Equitable funding, independent authorizers top wish list for charter school backers

If the chatter among Florida charter school supporters is any indication, expect to see proposed legislation next spring that calls for equitable funding for charter schools and the return of charter authorizers who are independent from public school districts. “This is a forced marriage that needs counseling,’’ joked Ralph Arza,[Read More…]