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Opinion: Supreme Court ruling fully opens door for Colorado school vouchers

Editor’s note: This commentary appeared Tuesday on travelbreakingnews.net. Do you remember where you were when the Zelman v. Simmons Harris ruling came down? I do. It was a beautiful spring day in Washington, D.C., and my pensive mood turned sunny upon hearing that the Supreme Court upheld the Ohio school[Read More…]

Colorado survey shows support for charter schools

Editor’s note: This analysis appeared earlier this week on Colorado’s gazette.com. A majority of Colorado voters have a favorable view of charter schools and support opening new ones even in districts with declining enrollment. But support for charters was notably lower among Democratic voters. The findings come from a Magellan[Read More…]

Want underserved Colorodans to go to college? Expand education choice.

Chalkbeat’s “Two Colorados” event earlier this month came to a key conclusion — not enough of the Centennial State’s historically underserved students (ethnic minorities and/or rural students) are going to college. Indeed, there is quite a bit of hard data to back this conclusion. For instance, fewer than half of[Read More…]

Commentary: We should be expanding school choice in Colorado, not restraining it

Editor’s note: This opinion piece from Colorado Rep. Dan Woog, who represents the 63rd District in the Colorado House of Representatives and serves on the Energy and Environment Committee, appeared last weekend in Colorado’s Greeley Tribune. It will come as no surprise to the parents and students of Colorado that[Read More…]

Parents helping a child with homework

School choice is public accountability to parents

Editor’s note: This commentary from Deborah Hendrix of Colorado Springs, executive director of Parents Challenge, appeared Saturday on coloradosun.com. What is empowerment? It’s the process of becoming stronger and more able to confidently control one’s life. During the pandemic, and concerning K-12 education, empowerment has become a key factor for[Read More…]

Homeschooling takes hold for this Colorado family

Editor’s note: Click here to listen to a podcast with Step Up For Students president Doug Tuthill and Antonio Pares, founder of a Colorado-based organization that, thanks to innovative Colorado state law,  works with public and private education groups to create new opportunities for students to receive education beyond the[Read More…]

Open enrollment, Colorado and Texas style

While public school systems nationwide have had difficulties dealing with COVID-19, specifically around reopening classes to in-person activities, it’s clear the pandemic has opened many avenues for innovation. One example has come out of Colorado, where school administrators have opened public school enrollment to great success. A recent Chalkbeat report[Read More…]

redefinED roundup: marching for charter schools, voucher growth in Indiana, voucher suit in Oklahoma and more

Alabama: The Alabama Education Association sued to stop the state’s education tax-credit program but a parent steps forward to try and block the suit with the help of the Institute for Justice (Associated Press). Arizona: The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice surveys parents using education savings accounts and finds they’re happy[Read More…]