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DeAngelis: Fund students, not systems

Corey DeAngelis, national director of research at the American Federation for Children, recently joined podcast host Andrew Gutmann for an episode of “Take Back Our Schools” on Ricochet, an online platform whose purpose is to spread conservative philosophy through the experience of its members to right-of-center readers. DeAngelis spoke to[Read More…]

Corey DeAngelis: ‘We’re just getting started’

Longtime education choice advocate Corey DeAngelis, national director of research at the American Federation for Children and executive director at the Educational Freedom Institute, continued to champion the rights of families to make education choices for their children recently, speaking on behalf of the American Federation for Children at America[Read More…]

Choosing the right path: evidence that Milwaukee’s school choice program excels beyond academics

America’s oldest urban private school choice program has the vital effects of steering young adults away from both crime and out-of-wedlock births, thus laying a strong foundation for them to live more successful lives. What predicts future life success for young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds? Two vital factors are avoiding[Read More…]

Milwaukee parental choice program reaps benefits beyond academics

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in a test score analysis …” Shakespeare by way of Ladner Learning to read proficiently and to understand math are two jolly important goals for our schools. They are by far, however, not the only goals. Americans want[Read More…]


Study shows negative effects of Louisiana Scholarship Program in Year 4

Researchers at the University of Arkansas have found that math and reading scores for voucher students in Louisiana remained negative in the fourth and final report on the program. Voucher supporters had remained hopeful that negative results observed over the last several years would disappear. Despite a big first year[Read More…]

revisited: Study says more school choice regs = lower school choice quality

Editor’s note: redefinED continues its journey through the archives, reviving on Saturdays interesting posts on various topics that deserve a second look. Throughout March, we’re featuring pieces on school accountability. In today’s post, which originally appeared in October 2018, Step Up For Students’ public affairs manager Patrick Gibbons interprets a[Read More…]


New Arkansas study shows positive effects of school voucher program

While most studies of private school choice programs have focused on academic outcomes as measured by standardized tests, some recent studies have begun to look at other indicators of success. The Urban Institute, for example, in a study released earlier this month, found that lower-income, mostly minority students using the[Read More…]

Study: More school choice regs = lower school choice quality

Ramping up regulations on a hypothetical school choice voucher program results in fewer private schools opting to participate, and lower quality among those that do, according to a new study released this week. The study is based on responses from private school leaders in Florida. “The Effects of Regulations on[Read More…]