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Mike McCurry: School choice centrism is antidote for broken politics

In an American political system ripped apart by partisanship, the school choice movement stands out as a rare example of centrism, former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry said Tuesday. But the movement can build even better bridges if it eases up on the name calling and finger pointing, he[Read More…]

School choice meshes with progressive Democratic Party values

Editor’s note: This op-ed appeared over the weekend in the Huffington Post. At least three more red states — Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee — will push for school vouchers in the coming months. But the familiar showdown between Republican lawmakers and teachers’ unions masks a more intriguing political development[Read More…]

George McGovern & the Democratic shift on school choice

None of the recent obituaries of George McGovern – the former U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate who died Oct. 21 and was buried Friday – discussed his long struggle to reconcile loyalty to teachers unions with his belief that poor and working-class parents should be able to pick their[Read More…]

EdWeek: Democrats warming to school vouchers

We here at redefinED love to thump that drum, so it was nice to see the nation’s education paper of record picking up the beat this week. Three takeaways from Sean Cavanagh’s even-handed piece on the politics of school vouchers: The big picture: This year’s presidential campaign offers at least one unequivocal contrast on education issues: The[Read More…]

Democrats weren’t always so resistant to private school choice

Editor’s note: Adam Emerson, who writes the Choice Words blog at the Fordham Institute, wrote a lot about the progressive roots of school choice when he was editor here at redefinED. Here is his latest piece on the subject. The 2012 Democratic Party platform released this week calls for the[Read More…]

Know your history: The “voucher left”

Last week’s commentary in Salon was typical when it comes to the dominant narrative about school choice. Written by Michael Lind, policy director of the Economic Growth Program at the New America Foundation, it describes choice as an “eccentric right-wing perspective” and “an untested theory cooked up by the libertarian[Read More…]

The real story: FL students have made big academic strides in FCAT era

Seeking to improve national test scores consistently ranking near the bottom, Florida policymakers and educators created a system of academic standards and the FCAT to test performance against those standards. Despite substantially improving student learning, anti-testing activists have made headlines in recent months with strident arguments. No serious person, whether[Read More…]