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Florida Tax Credit Scholarships lead to a rising tide

For two decades, the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program has created “a rising tide of competition” that “has lifted many boats.” That’s according to researchers David Figlio, Cassandra Hart and Krzysztof Karbownik in a new report that appeared recently in Education Next, an online education magazine published by Harvard University’s[Read More…]

Dispelling the ‘damaged goods’ myth about school choice scholarships

There is no evidence that students who use Florida school choice scholarships return to public schools worse off academically. But that doesn’t stop critics of education choice from repeating variations on that claim. The Florida League of Women Voters is the latest to air this “damaged goods” myth. In a[Read More…]

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Setting the record straight on choice scholarships

As Florida senators get their first look today at a new private school scholarship for economically disadvantaged students, some familiar taunts about academic results for the existing Tax Credit Scholarship have resurfaced. Be wary of rhetorical flourish. Yes, the low-income scholarship students are not required to take the Florida Standard[Read More…]

What to make of another negative result for school vouchers

Students in Ohio’s private school voucher program make less academic progress than their peers in public schools. But the program has a positive effect on public school performance, perhaps because it spurs competition. While the program is aimed at mostly disadvantaged students from struggling public schools, it tends to attract the better-off students[Read More…]

Study: Private school competition may help raise public school achievement

Critics of school choice programs often say they harm public schools, and that taxpayer resources would best be used educating “all children” in public schools. A new study, however, joins a growing body of research suggesting competition from private school choice programs may actually lead to small, but detectable, improvements[Read More…]

Study: Florida tax credit scholarship students continue to keep pace

The low-income students who participate in the country’s largest K-12 private school choice program are keeping pace with students of all income levels nationally, according to the latest independent evaluation. The latest annual report, released Tuesday, tracks learning gains for participants in the Florida tax credit scholarship program in the[Read More…]

Study: More public school choices, fewer private school vouchers

Students with access to a wider range of public school choices may be less likely to sign up for private school vouchers. That’s one of the most significant new findings of a Florida-based study that provides a detailed picture of factors that drive parents to “shop around” for the best education options[Read More…]