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School choice groups ask Supreme Court to hear Colorado voucher case

Four school choice advocacy groups are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case that found the the Douglas County, Colo., school voucher program unconstitutional. The school district is looking to use the case to strike a blow against constitutional restrictions on school choice. In an amicus brief filed this week, the Goldwater[Read More…]

How a stubborn Catholic Church fostered worldwide educational choice

I head this week to Madrid for the annual meeting of OIDEL, a Geneva-based organization promoting educational freedom around the world. We advocate for policies that allow parents to decide to what school they entrust their children and that allow teachers to decide to which educational project they will dedicate their[Read More…]

As in the 19th century, the language of passion takes over the language of reason

Among the newest contributors to redefinED is Boston University professor Charles Glenn, an expert on educational history and comparative policy who last summer served as a witness in the court challenge to Douglas County’s school voucher pilot. His testimony showcased not only the 19th-century American history of providing public educations funds[Read More…]

Strong words, and a little cognitive dissonance

A judge in Colorado on Friday blocked the Douglas County school district’s voucher experiment, insisting that allowing the program to move forward will lead to “real, immediate, and irreparable injury” to the plaintiffs and others who asked for the injunction. Specifically, Judge Michael A. Martinez wrote in a 68-page ruling that[Read More…]