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Separate but equal in Duval County: What does it really mean?

Charter schools typically don’t have transportation services, and they can’t gerrymander enrollment zones that zigzag through the county to diversify the student body. So what’s a charter school to do if it wants to enroll more minority students? What about building a school right where minority students live? In Duval[Read More…]

Florida Roundup: Open enrollment, charter schools, magnet schools and more.

Open enrollment. Parents debate Duval County’s open enrollment proposal at community meetings in Jacksonville. Florida Times-Union. Charter Schools. A Senate panel scales back legislation aimed at easing their expansion. News Service of Florida. Gradebook. State Sen. Dwight Bullard pans charters on MSNBC’s Ed Show. Magnet schools. Demand for new Pinellas[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Charter schools, tax-credit scholarships, open enrollment and more

Charter schools. Legislation is on the move. Palm Beach Post. Florida Current. Tax-credit scholarships. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich opposes the program, while primary favorite Charlie Crist does not take a firm stance on legislation that would expand it. Sunshine State News. Politico mentions Florida’s program in a broadside about public money going to[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Tax-credit scholarships, charter schools, Common Core and more

Tax-credit scholarships. Some fear Step Up For Students could become a “taxpayer-financed monopoly” as the cap on tax-credit contributions increases, bringing in more money under the 3 percent administrative allowance used to run the program. Palm Beach Post.  Jason Bedrick of CATO responds to a Miami Herald editorial that opposed legislation expanding the program.[Read More…]