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Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, BOOM!

Editor’s note: Watch this space for an analysis of the new EdChoice study coming later this week from reimaginED contributor Patrick Gibbons. A delightful new study from EdChoice titled, “Who’s Afraid of School Choice?” documents a sampling of some of the innumerable times school choice opponents have predicted the destruction[Read More…]

Florida’s education choice scholarship program reaps savings, new report finds

Florida’s private school choice programs have saved taxpayers more than $2.8 billion since 2000, according to new research from the national school choice advocacy group EdChoice. Martin Leuken, director of Ed Choice’s fiscal research and education center, analyzed 40 private school scholarship programs in 19 states and Washington, D.C., for[Read More…]

Microschools versus waitlists: Jason Bedrick interviews Matt Ladner

In the latest installment of EdChoice’s “Big Ideas” podcast series, director of policy Jason Bedrick speaks with reimaginED executive editor Matt Ladner about Ladner’s recent report, “Microschools versus Waitlists: A Guidebook for the Innovative Arizona Educator.” At the top of the interview, Ladner provides a definition of microschools and how[Read More…]

Study details change in Gardiner families’ spending patterns

The longer students remain on Florida’s Gardiner Scholarship program, the more likely their parents are to spend money on curriculum, tutoring and specialized services, a new working paper finds. The study, “Distribution of Education Savings Accounts Usage Among Families,” by Michelle Lofton of the University of Georgia and Martin Lueken[Read More…]

Project Nickel: A new search engine to help parents learn what public schools spend

In the 2019 feature film “Miss Virginia,” a working mother in the nation’s capital struggles to help her teenage son escape a violent public school and leads a grassroots movement to rally parents to demand new school choice options for their children. A turning point in the story occurs when[Read More…]

What school choice myths, invasive snails have in common

Editor’s note: fact-checkED is an occasional feature that brings precision to complex education issues that are easily misunderstood, aiming to counteract incorrect information.   Giant snails are one of hundreds of invasive species that now call Florida home. They damage homes, threaten crops, smell terrible – and carry a parasite[Read More…]

Parents, teachers indicate support for ESAs, national survey finds

Two findings related to education savings accounts have emerged from a recent poll conducted by EdChoice as the education reform organization continues to track COVID-19-related trends. The first: Support for ESAs, which allow parents to withdraw their children from public district or charter schools and receive a deposit of public[Read More…]

As pandemic drags on, private school worries grow

Christian Life Academy started six years ago with six students in a single room in a church, and it has been growing ever since. This year, the little school on Florida’s southwest Gulf Coast reached 74 students in grades K-8, with 15 staffers, including seven full-time teachers. The ribbon cutting[Read More…]