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Private voucher schools hit by funding change to Florida Virtual School

In a new twist on the legislative funding changes crimping Florida Virtual School, private schools that accept state-funded McKay Scholarships for special needs students may now lose money when McKay students take FLVS classes. Private schools learned last week about the possible fallout, which could result in students dropping Florida[Read More…]

Figlio says private option for poor helps public schools too

The drive to improve our nation’s schools is not a zero-sum game, and a report launched today on Educationnext.org shows how alternative learning options for poor and struggling schoolchildren can have a positive impact on traditional neighborhood schools.Northwestern University researchers David Figlio and Cassandra Hart explain that a tax credit[Read More…]

A new definition of public education

The aim of redefinED is to recast the way we perceive public education. Far too often, the debate over any education program begins first with an assessment of whether it undermines traditional neighborhood public schooling. But today’s school systems and public policies have exploded the historical definition of a public[Read More…]