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Learning pods for underserved students earns South Carolina group national recognition

  As the pandemic gripped the nation in the spring of 2020, American schools shut down and sent students home to finish the semester through online learning. The hastily organized programs were thought to be short-term solutions. But as the rising numbers of coronavirus cases ended administrators’ hopes of fully[Read More…]

Give us your poor

“It’s the poor wot gets the blame.” — Anonymous There seems a fairly common conviction among us that many, even most, of our lower-income parents, for various reasons, fall below the level of responsibility necessary to decide which school is best for their child. That belief, though slowly receding, seems[Read More…]

COVID-19 has made it undeniable: We need school choice

This commentary from Neal McCluskey, director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, first published on the RealClear Policy blog. A new Gallup poll that surveyed parents with school-aged kids has startling results, much more because of how opinions are split than the opinions themselves. Given the COVID-19 threat,[Read More…]