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RAND Corporation research evaluates microschool academic growth, validating measurements

Editor’s note: Don Soifer, author of this commentary, is president of Nevada Action for School Options, whose MicroschoolingNV initiative actively engages in movement building for microschooling in different states. A new study from researchers at the venerable RAND Corporation takes the important step of evaluating the academic growth achieved by[Read More…]

Public schools can’t escape criticism when reflecting on Brown v. Board

Nearly 70 years after Brown v. Board of Education rewrote the rules of American K-12 education, pundits and academics are still debating its legacy. And despite nearly universal agreement over the shame and damage done by segregation and resistance to integration, some refuse to reflect deeply on the very flaws[Read More…]

Dedicated to the proposition

“Matters of fact … are very stubborn things.” Tindal, Will of Matthew Tindal My Catholic elementary school in Duluth, Minnesota, shared a boundary line with a large public school, East Junior High. In seventh and eighth grades, we kids from Rosary would be sent across that border once a week,[Read More…]

Jack Coons: Childhood responsibility and freedom

Webster defines the adjectives “free” and “responsible” as follows: Free: Acting of one’s own will or choice and not under compulsion or restraint; determining one’s own action or choice. Responsible: Having a capacity for moral decisions and therefore accountable. These two words, together, declare the status of every rational human[Read More…]

Florida senator shares heartfelt advocacy on behalf of education choice

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) recently joined the Brookings Institute to discuss his role in the Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys, which exists within the U.S Commission on Civil Rights’ Office of the Staff Director. The bipartisan, 19-member Commission, comprised of congressional lawmakers, executive branch[Read More…]

In memory of a champion of school choice for lower-income parents

Stephen Dwight Sugarman died the day after Christmas, interrupting almost 60 years of our friendship and collaboration on this planet. His unique character, personality, and family life I will save for another occasion. Here, I will briefly remember his impact on school choice, law school – and myself. We met[Read More…]

Philanthropist of the Year on advancing school choice: ‘This is the civil-rights issue of our time’

Editor’s note: In this commentary, American Federation for Children chairman Bill Oberndorf explains a state-based strategy for advancing school choice in an interview with Education Next senior editor Paul Peterson. The interview first appeared on the Education Next website. Paul Peterson: Why did you decide to focus much of your[Read More…]