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The evolving public education market

Public education has historically been a poorly managed, underperforming market. The pandemic is driving changes that could, over time, lead to market improvements that will benefit families, students, educators and the public. In effective and efficient markets, consumers control their purchasing power, monopolies do not exist, the barriers to entry[Read More…]

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Doug Tuthill: ESAs bring healthier market to education

Markets are like gravity. They are everywhere. Markets are where supply meets demand. They are how we access the things we need and want, including food, clothing, housing, friends, media, health care, romantic partners, entertainment, and education. Even those needing kidney transplants are dependent on well-designed markets. Public education also[Read More…]

New schools needed: How to make school choice markets work

For the past two decades, hundreds of thousands of mostly disadvantaged students¬†have enrolled in private school choice programs, usually seeing some improvement in their academic outcomes while saving taxpayers money. But the programs have yet to create the kind of systemic transformation sought by proponents of market-based education reform.¬†As Michael[Read More…]

Emerging market in public education is a good thing

Words such as voucher, privatization, profit and corporation are often used as weapons by individuals and groups who oppose parental empowerment and school choice. Using words as weapons is especially common during periods of significant social change – we all do it – but the practice undermines civic discourse and[Read More…]