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Philanthropist of the Year on advancing school choice: ‘This is the civil-rights issue of our time’

Editor’s note: In this commentary, American Federation for Children chairman Bill Oberndorf explains a state-based strategy for advancing school choice in an interview with Education Next senior editor Paul Peterson. The interview first appeared on the Education Next website. Paul Peterson: Why did you decide to focus much of your[Read More…]

EdNext podcast: Jeb Bush on adjusting to distance learning during the pandemic

Earlier this week, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush joined Education Next editor-in-chief Marty West to talk about the lessons he learned dealing with crisis and how those lessons can be applied to the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges it poses for K-12 education. Among the suggestions Bush offers state and[Read More…]

The ‘Trump effect’ polarizes school choice, but doesn’t hurt its popularity

Ever since Donald Trump became president, opponents of school choice have tried to tie charter schools, vouchers and scholarship tax credits to the polarizing politician. A new public opinion survey suggests those tactics might not be working as intended. Survey researchers with Education Next asked questions about two school choice[Read More…]

The surprising partisan divide on private school choice

Republicans are often the strongest backers of school vouchers in Congress and state legislatures, but among rank-and-file partisans, private school choice may actually enjoy greater backing from Democrats. That’s one of the more surprising findings from the latest wide-ranging public opinion survey by the school reform journal Education Next. The[Read More…]

Common Core could spur school choice, survey suggests

A new survey from Education Next suggests conservatives interested in expanding school choice may be shooting themselves in the foot by opposing Common Core. The reason? According to the survey results, Americans become more favorable to school choice (and other education reforms) when they are better informed about the relative[Read More…]