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Past meets future at AFC national policy summit

Editor’s note: The American Federation for Children held its national policy summit Sept. 29-30, welcoming key figures in the education choice movement as well as policymakers intent on expanding education opportunities for families. AFC communications specialist, former Florida Tax Credit Scholarship recipient and reimaginED guest blogger Nathan Cunneen was there[Read More…]

The unreliable rider, humility, discovery and tolerance

Jonathan Haidt’s book The Righteous Mind describes the human mind as an elephant (instinct) with a rider (reason). Crucial to this understanding is the insight that the rider serves the elephant. Reason does not govern instinct; it serves it. The rider serves the elephant by seeking information that confirms pre-existing[Read More…]

‘Emergency mindset’ needed to address education inequities

As the first full year of schooling during the coronavirus pandemic launches, a national education advocacy network is sounding the alarm in a research brief that America’s K-12 education system is in crisis. To ensure a more flexible, equitable and student-centered system of education both now and post-pandemic, the independent[Read More…]

With lawmakers not in session, bureaucrats should not regulate pods

Policymakers have a knack for finding private endeavors they presume still need fixing. The latest example? Learning pods. With many schools closed to in-person instruction this fall, many parents have quickly adapted, developing the pods to continue their children’s education. Now policymakers are catching up with rules and regulations. Learning[Read More…]

We aren’t getting any younger, maybe it’s time for education reform

Demographic changes are expected to place a greater strain on government services over the next two decades, a new study says, and that should lend urgency to calls for states to overhaul their education systems. The report, “Turn and Face the Strain,” by Matthew Ladner, the Senior Advisor  for Policy and Research[Read More…]

FL state Sen. John Legg on Common Core, PARCC, school choice & more

One of Florida’s top education leaders offered a strong defense of Common Core Wednesday, saying while legitimate concerns exist “we cannot let political rhetoric and emotion impede us from implementing rigorous standards and high expectations for students.” The comments from state Sen. John Legg, R-Lutz, the influential chair of the[Read More…]

Accelerating the merger of public education and publicly-funded education

As publicly-funded private schools have become more integrated into public education, the terms “publicly-funded education” and “public education” are becoming synonymous. I noticed the latest evidence of this semantic merger from Sara Mead earlier this month on her blog, Policy Notebook. Mead wrote that: … charter schooling and publicly funded[Read More…]