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We win, they lose

Russia’s reactionary former KGB officer-strongman launched a “special operation” to “de-nazify” the Ukraine, an independent nation whose president not only is Jewish but who lost relatives in the Holocaust. The Ukraine war represents (hopefully) the last gasp of the Cold War. The school choice movement has much to learn from[Read More…]

Education a key issue in Virginia governor’s race

As election day dawned this morning in Virginia, a new Cygnal poll of 800-plus likely voters shows Terry McAuliffe and Glen Youngkin are running neck-and-neck for the governor’s race. As is the case in many states, education has become a key issue in Virginia, leading pollster Brent Buchanan to proclaim[Read More…]

Go vote: The winners get a giant mess!

There is an election tomorrow, so go out and vote. But note that these elections were once far less apocalyptic in tone. The 1920 presidential election, for instance, featured Warren Harding versus James M. Cox for all the presidential marbles, such as they were in those days. Cox survived a[Read More…]

Sanders misses point on education reform

When Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, recently revealed his education plan, most of the ensuing news coverage focused on his criticism of charter schools and his call for a moratorium on their expansion. Cue the usual op-eds and pundits booing him, attacking socialism and railing against infringements[Read More…]

Commentary: Why school choice transcends politics

By Joy Smith-McCormick Among the most important choices families must make, education commands our focus, as it is the foundation upon which high-functioning, productive citizens are developed. The education sector has been religious in its practices for centuries, but over the last 20 years more options to deliver education have[Read More…]

Florida roundup: Test costs, parent protests, the “Florida Formula” & more

Standardized test costs. They total about $1.7 billion a year nationwide, according to a new report from Brookings that includes state-by-state figures. Not much, concludes researcher Matt Chingos, who adds “perhaps we’re spending less than we should.” Coverage from Education Week and Huffington Post. Former Florida education commissioner Gerard Robinson tells the[Read More…]